Coolangatta's trusted acupuncturist

A holistic approach to medicine and an individual approach to your health

Our acupuncturist at Golden Sands Clinic in Coolangatta has helped our patients select the right course of treatment that complements their lifestyle, habits and needs. We are committed to understanding the patient’s problems, so if you are looking for sound acupuncture therapy from an experienced acupuncturist in Coolangatta, look no further. Golden Sands Clinic is here to help you.


Finding the right alternative medicine treatment can be difficult. Golden Sands Clinic can help by offering one-on-one consultations. A comprehensive consultation is an important first step in designing an individual acupuncture therapy plan that would benefit you.


Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years and is a proven beneficial treatment that’s extremely safe, gentle and effective. Our accredited acupuncturist offers acupuncture therapy in Coolangatta in a clean and relaxed environment. We even offer treatments without the use of needles for patients who are extremely averse to them.

Herbal pharmacy

Traditional Chinese herbal medicine is sometimes provided to assist with your acupuncture treatment. All medicines prescribed at Golden Sands Clinic are natural and carefully measured to suit your requirements. Our friendly and knowledgeable practitioner will guide you on how to effectively use the herbal medicine.

needles used by acupuncturist in Coolangatta